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Who or what is Major Keys beats?

Major Keys Beat or the "Major Keys Beats" brand is a beat lease website that allows you to buy or lease, and then download the hottest rap beats/instrumentals on the internet.  We are dedicated to excellent service and providing professional quality rap beats, hip hop beats, south beats, and R&B beats/instrumentals to artists and other companies looking to lease beats and excell their careers from a musical standpoint.

What type of products or hip hop beats do you offer?

We offer professional hip hop beats, RnB beats, South beats, R&B beats, custom beats, and Pop beats for music artists of all kind.  Our mission is to make it easy and convienent for you to lease, buy, download, and start recording tracks as soon as possible.  In today's industry it's important to keep your fanbases attention with fresh new music. Listen, lease, or buy beats here.

What do you do with my information?

Major Keys Beats never shares, rents, or sells your information.   Any information gathered on this site is for use of this site only.  All payment information is held via PayPal (The #1 payment processor on the planet) so we don't have access to personal information such as cc# etc...Also see PRIVACY-POLICY.

Will others be able to lease or buy the same beat/instrumental as me?

The answer is Yes.  The leasing option is great if you are on a stricter budget and plan to release independent material.  It's great to keep costs down and get a high return on investment.  Also great if you want to make money doing shows.  The main limitation is that you can only distribute up to 5000 copies of your album with a leased beat. (unlimited copies if you will be distributing project for promotional or free use). Also see Beat Lease Rights.

Why would I need to lease a beat with exclusive rights?

Exclusive lease rights/beats are for artists with a reasonable budget that plan on releasing a major/semi major project.  One of the benefits is you own the 100% rights to the beat/instrumental and no other artist may lease or purchase the beat/instrumental. Any beats/instrumentals that are purchased with excluive rights will be removed from all websites immediately.  This is a great option if you plan on distributing more than 5000 copies. Also see Beat Lease Rights.


Some of the beats have samples, are these samples cleared?

No, it will the responsibilty of the artist and/or whomever handles the business aspect of the artist(s) career to clear all samples involved. Major Keys (beats) nor will not be responsible for clearing samples. Upon purchase sample information (Artist/writer(s), Song title, Record Label, and Publisher info) will be emailed to buyer.

What rights comes with the free downloadable beats?

Free beats are allowed the same rights as a non-exclusive beat. Also see Beat Lease Rights.


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